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After winning against England, Iceland is our guess to win the euro cup

On 27.06.2016 Iceland wrote football history. They defended well, stood together as a team and combined this with amazing one touch football to destroy enemy lines.

We asked ourselves: How could they do this not only in this game but throughout the qualification as well as the group phase?

Possible reasons for Iceland kicking ass

  1. Almost the whole country is in France at the moment
  2. Of the remaining 98,9 percent saw the match against England on TV
  3. Earned money did not go into pockets of few but into creating a powerful “football system”
  4. There is one UEFA-trained coach for 413 people (639 people hold a Uefa B licence)
  5. Nowhere in the world children get as often good training as in Iceland
  6. The team is better than 11 individuals
  7. On Iceland there are 30 full-size all-weather pitches…
  8. …and 150 smaller artificial arenas that ensure youngsters can continue to play football in winter
  9. There is one pitch close to almost every school in Iceland
  10. To develop professionally a lot of young players go abroad early, at 17, 18, 19
  11. The country’s culture is to work hard and take care of themselves
  12. When you join an Icelandic club, you’re instantly immersed in their community
  13. Arnor Ingvi Traustasonan ran 80 yards in the match against Austria to make the cross, which led to winning the game
  14. They talked to the creator of Game of Thrones
  15. They love football so much

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